2021 Planned Breedings

Breeding Plans for 2021 (key word "PLANS")...

Please refer to each dog's bio for more information. These plans are for those currently on the waitlist. Updates will be emailed as we have them, usually that includes when a girl is in heat, when breeding has taken place, when ultrasound has confirmed (hopefully) pregnancy, and of course when puppies arrive!! Please understand this is all up to nature, we can estimate but not guarantee. Until the day puppies arrive safely we are anxious and stressed about the health and well-being of our mamas and their unborn babies!


Nando x Micike

Nando x Summer

Noah (outside stud) x Babette

Flynn (outside stud) x Nanuq

Xerox x Molly

Xerox x Norma

Xerox x Luna


Possible repeats of previous breedings depending on timing.

Xerox x Lavender

Xerox x Candy

Nando x Hope

Nando Profile

We occasionally utilize outside studs for a number of reasons.These studs will ALWAYS meet our criteria for full health testing, genetic panels, and of course the temperament we are looking for! All info on outside studs will be provided for your review, and you always have the ability to pass on a litter.

We also have multiple OUTSTANDING 1-2 year old boys undergoing health clearances at this time (mid-March-April 2021) that will hopefully be in the running soon. Sometimes, in spite of all the best planning, nature throws us last minute curve balls that we have to to be flexible and have backup plans ready or miss a possible pregnancy. Please be patient with us, we are just as anxious as you are for these to be happy, healthy litters of beautiful PUPPIES!!