Swanavly Part of Life

DOB: July 15, 2022
All Prelim Clearances!
Energy Level:
Low to Medium
Fun Loving
Favorite Treat:
Dental chews and peanut butter!
Favorite Toy:
Rope toys and KONG chew toys
More detailed description of temperament:

This boy is a very special addition to the Gravitas Family! Several years ago I took notice of his sire, who, at the time, was 16 years old. Impressed by his longevity, I reached out to his breeder in Europe to see if it would be possible to get a male puppy or semen from this boy. At the time, they did not think it was likely, but much to my surprise about a year later they contacted me and had a litter! Giuseppe arrived about 3 months later and it was a nail-biting first year awaiting his preliminary health clearances but my patience paid off!

Giuseppe's sire did finally pass away at the age of EIGHTEEN years old. This is huge for the breed, and knowing that Giuseppe was one of his last sons makes Giuseppe worth his weight in gold!

Not only does this boy have serious longevity genes stacked in his odds, but he is also just the quintessential Golden Retriever. Giuseppe is playful and easily entertained. He loves children, other dogs, and above all anyone that pets him. Oftentimes, if Giuseppe sees any animals on TV, he stops, sits in front of it, picks up his toys and whimpers. He especially is fascinated with the Dog Shows. Showing his playful side, every time he eats, he picks up his metal dog bowl and the other dog's bowl and carries them throughout the house clanging them on the wooden floors!

Giuseppe lives nearby in a Guardian Home where he is spoiled rotten!