Guardian Home Opportunities

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What is a Guardian Home? A Guardian Home is where “pick of the litter” puppies and dogs go to live with a wonderful family for the rest of their lives as a cherished pet. The “catch” is that Gravitas Goldens retains breeding rights to that puppy for a certain amount of time or litters. If breeding is pursued with that dog, the Guardian Home must be willing to sacrifice some time away from their pet for reasons such as: vet visits, health clearances, breeding purposes, whelping and puppy raising. We have a contract we can send you with all of the details that is meant to protect the dog, you, and us!

  1. Guardian Home Applicants must live in CA. Those living outside of Tulare County must be willing to cooperate/assist with the occasional vet appt and travel needs.
  2. You must agree to feed and care for the puppy/dog according to our high standards
  3. You are responsible for all normal pet care & expenses, while we are responsible for any expenses pertaining to breeding.
  4. You must not have plans to move outside the area.
  5. Must be willing to communicate regularly & provide updates on the dog including photos
  6. The dog must be part of your family inside the house most of the time