YES! We highly recommend you check out this link of OUR favorite products:

We also believe this is another good resource for new puppy owners, put together by a fellow trainer and German Shepherd breeder:

In particular, check out Susanne’s recommendations for “enrichment and toys (varying ages)” and “puppy pacifiers”.

A few notes:


Treats are basically anything your dog really likes!! This is just a short list of my preferred treats. I want things that come very small or I can break into small pieces. I usually break treats into PEA-SIZED or smaller pieces. They don’t need big pieces!! These are my go-to’s for puppy treats and chew items.

  1. Store bought treats
    1. Zukes
    2. Biljac
    3. Pupperoni
    4. The puppy’s dry food
  2. Hot Dogs
  3. Costco Meatballs
  4. String cheese
  5. Sandwich meat

Chew Items

Chew items are used to keep your puppy busy in her crate or in the house and hopefully keep her occupied and away from furniture!! I always watch my dogs eat new chew items the first few times to make sure they can handle it. There is always a risk in giving chew items, but I could choke on a skittle also!! I use these items regularly with dogs and have never had a problem, but you should be aware. Rawhide is not advised as it has a higher risk of choking.