Driving or Flying with Puppy


For air travel, make sure you have booked in advance for an “in-cabin pet” for your flight. Usually it is around $100-200 depending on the airline.

Most airports have Pet Relief Areas to let the puppy play and potty for as long as you can before catching your connections.

You should bring an appropriate crate for the flight you are on (check with your airline), soft sided is preferred. The puppies are not trained on puppy pads but I recommend you bring 1-2, along with a small 2 x 2′ piece of astroturf. They ARE trained to go on the turf, so I put the turf on the puppy pad, and usually they immediately go potty and you can throw the pad away (and the turf piece if need be). Also, bring some paper towels & wet wipes “just in case”.

As a reminder, you’ll get your swag bag at the same time I hand off puppies so make sure you have room for it. Your Puppy Swag Bag will include the following items:

  1. AKC Reunite Microchip & Registration Info
  2. Bag of Mini Treats
  3. Adaptil Junior Collar- put this on immediately in the airport!
  4. Soft tug toy
  5. Snuggle Puppy
  6. Treat dispensing toy
  7. Clix House Line
  8. 1-2 other chew items
  9. Operation Socialization Puppy Passport
*I usually add a ziploc with some puppy food and other extra good chew items for puppies flying.
*I suggest you have a small collar that you can attach the training line or a leash to. In the airports the puppies can usually come out and play but need to be on leash.
*Food/water – use sparingly, what goes in must come out! I will usually feed them breakfast and let them have water up until I leave Visalia (1 hour away from our airport). However I would plan on a small meal and offer water briefly during layovers just before or while you are in Pet Relief area. Take puppy back to Pet Relief area just before boarding connection. Finally, when you land at final destination, offer one last meal while waiting for bags, and then potty at first available location and obviously again once HOME!!
Here are some good articles I like to share prior to flying with puppies…PLEASE READ THEM:
Airports provide a pretty amazing socialization opportunity, and our pups generally do very well taking it all in! Please use your treats/food as needed if puppy seems nervous/scared at times to help it become a positive experience. Usually during any layovers I have puppy out of the bag and playing… once on the plane you generally have to keep them in the bag at all times. Sometimes I’ll have the bag open with my hand in it just to keep puppy calm but still in the bag.
Most people are very nervous flying with a puppy for the first time! Generally speaking the puppies just sleep most of the time on the flights! A bit of whining/barking may occur, that is why you’ll have good chew items etc. It’s like flying with a toddler, and airport staff are usually very good and understanding so DON’T STRESS! I know, easier said than done, but you will do great!


Long drives require a similar amount of planning! Puppy can travel in your lap or in a secured crate. Crates are much safer than laps during an accident, but I know most puppies ride home on laps!


Driving Home With Puppy