How much & how often do I feed my puppy?

We feed 8 week old puppies 1/2 cup kibble, 3-4 x daily starting first thing in the morning, up until about 5pm. We feed them in their crate to make sure they LOVE going in their crate.

We do not usually use a bowl, we just throw a handful in the bottom of the crate and let the puppy root around! This helps keep things fun for the puppy and ensure that puppy does not eat too fast.

If it is not mealtime but puppy needs to go in the crate, I always make sure to throw a few pieces of kibble or treats in!

As your puppy grows you will need to increase the amount incrementally and slowly decrease the number of feedings per day. My ADULT Goldens eat about 4 cups of kibble per day total ON AVERAGE.


This growth chart is something you can use and customize to your puppy:


REMEMBER a lean puppy/dog is generally a healthier one! These studies demonstrate this quite well:

Effects of diet restriction on life span and age-related changes in dogs

Influence of lifetime food restriction on causes, time, and predictors of death in dogs

Diet restriction and ageing in the dog: major observations over two decades