What else will I get when I pick up my puppy?

Prior to picking up your puppy you will get access to a private “Litter Webpage” which gives you an online Puppy Manual including shopping lists and answers to all the questions about raising, training, caring for a puppy etc!

Your Puppy Swag Bag will include:

  1. Health/Vaccination Records in EMAIL
  2. Trupanion Health Insurance Offer/Code which covers the puppy without a waiting period *IF* you choose to buy/activate it
  3. AKC Reunite Microchip & Registration Info
  4. Limited AKC Registration is provided after certain contractual obligations are met by the new owners
  5. Bag of Mini Treats
  6. Adaptil Junior Collar
  7. Soft tug toy
  8. Snuggle Puppy
  9. Treat dispensing toy
  10. Clix House Line
  11. 1-2 other chew items
  12. Operation Socialization Puppy Passport
  13. Blanket or Pet Towel with Siblings/Mother’s scent