What Health Testing do you do?

We follow all recommendations for genetic and health testing pertaining to Golden Retrievers. You can read more about recommended health testing from the Golden Retriever Club of America:
The OFA recommendations can be found here:

Please note that there is a lot we cannot test for. Cancer is the primary plague of this breed, but we don’t know much about the different types of cancers as far as what causes them. According to Veterinary Oncologists it is likely a mix of genetics and environmental factors. No one can guarantee how long your next puppy will live unfortunately. However, by looking at the longevity of the lines and working towards outcrossing to produce a low coefficient of inbreeding (increase genetic diversity), that’s the best bet we can make on the genetic side of things. It is critical to understand that the the things we CAN test for are not necessarily more or less important than the things we CANNOT test for. Every breeding we do takes this into consideration.

Screening for genetic diseases is available for SOME hereditary conditions. The genetic testing we do is usually through Pawprint Genetics or UC Davis. They test for all recommended, known, genetics conditions that sometimes afflict this breed. We are happy to share Genetic Reports with anyone upon request!
A report screenshot is below of one of our dogs: