What should I feed my puppy?

Your puppy is being raised on Purina Pro Plan Savor Puppy.

Dog food is a very personal choice, and you should do your research before switching brands. There is some recent evidence that “Grain-Free” foods MAY not be the best choice for dogs. Most people, including your average veterinarian, are NOT NUTRITIONISTS. The scary part is they often pretend to be. Be your puppy’s advocate and make sure you are comfortable with the food you choose… and there is nothing wrong with switching foods!

No two breeders/trainers etc can agree on anything, but I will say that EVERY single reproductive veterinarian I have spoken to recommends PPP, Royal Canin or Science Diet. I think Avidog is more a proponent of raw feeding, which I’m not against but personally don’t have the time to do it RIGHT, and neither do most of my puppy owners!

I think reproduction is likely a very good measure of nutritional quality and we typical average 10 puppies per litter and very healthy pregnancies, deliveries, etc so I am happy with PPP and feel comfortable recommending it however nutrition is a regular point of debate among dog lovers!!