Nando Profile


Zampanzar’s Lemon & Mint

DOB: June 19, 2018
CHIC# 150692
Energy Level:
Low at home but makes a great hiking buddy and loves to play!
Velcro, lap dog, cuddly, happy
Favorite Treat:
Literally anything resembling food.
Favorite Toy:
Toys he can retrieve!
More detailed description of temperament:

Nando lives with us at Gravitas Goldens. As a full time Service Dog Trainer, I truly believe he is the whole package and more! Nando is true to the Golden Retriever standard and is on the small side for a male Golden, many people love this about him. He is still a “big dog” but not 100lbs either. Sweet and tolerant, Nando is a velcro dog and a “leaner” on anyone who will let him. Nando has ended up in more laps than any other dog we have LOL He loves to play fetch and is a natural retriever. Nando is the perfect hiking buddy and naturally sticks with me off leash and is polite when we encounter other hikers/dogs on the trail. Nando is also a “smiler”, and whenever he sees me he smiles ? Apparently he is passing this endearing trait on to many of his puppies!
One thing I LOVE about Nando is the fact that his daddy was FOURTEEN years old when he sired Nando's litter. This type of longevity is critical to preserving the breed and ensuring long lived, healthy dogs! Nando has achieved the AKC Canine Good Citizen AND Canine Good Citizen – Urban Title.