Nando Profile


Zampanzar’s Lemon & Mint

DOB: June 19, 2018
CHIC# 150692
All Clearances!!!
Energy Level:
Low at home but makes a great hiking buddy and loves to play!
Velcro, lap dog, cuddly, happy
Favorite Treat:
Literally anything resembling food.
Favorite Toy:
Toys he can retrieve!
More detailed description of temperament:

Nando lives with us at Gravitas Goldens. As a full time Service Dog Trainer, I truly believe he is the whole package and more! Nando is true to the Golden Retriever standard and is on the small side for a male Golden, many people love this about him. He is still a “big dog” but not 100lbs either. Sweet and tolerant, Nando is a velcro dog and a “leaner” on anyone who will let him. Nando has ended up in more laps than any other dog we have LOL He loves to play fetch and is a natural retriever. Nando is the perfect hiking buddy and naturally sticks with me off leash and is polite when we encounter other hikers/dogs on the trail. Nando is also a “smiler”, and whenever he sees me he smiles 🙂 Apparently he is passing this endearing trait on to many of his puppies!