Current Breeding Girls

Our girls are very special to us. It can be complicated having breedings dogs of both sexes living under one roof, and even though Goldens are like potato chips (one is never enough!), we don't want to have too many living at our house either where they don't get treated like family. We made the decision early on in our program to place most of our girls in loving guardian homes so that we can continue our breeding program while allowing each dog to be spoiled by a family of their own. When it is time for puppies to be born, the mom-to-be comes back to our house so we can oversee the puppy raising! Once her special job is complete, she returns to her own family to let the spoiling continue! We limit number of litters to a maximum of 4 per breeding female so that she can contribute to our Program but spend most of her life getting spoiled by her family. Our Guardian Homes are very valuable to us in so many ways, and they often end up becoming Guardian's to the NEXT generation as well!

Please refer to the "Pedigree" information to see each dog's lineage and ancestry. We do not always update this site, so we prefer you check out each dog's health clearances at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals site. You can type in each dog's REGISTERED NAME in the top right corner to see publicly available reports. Please note that most results are available, I say most because sometimes the most recent exam hasn’t been done yet (eyes are done annually but we often have to wait 3-4 months to get an appointment) OR some reports may not be public but I do have them all and can share with you a particular dog’s report. Just ask!

Any dogs less than 24 months are considered to have “preliminary clearances” and are only eligible for a CHIC number at 24 months (


Gravitas Glitter and Gold

DOB: May 10, 2021

Willow Grace

Gravitas Fatal Attraction

DOB: August 23, 2021
All Prelim Clearances!