Willow Grace


Willow Grace

Gravitas Fatal Attraction

DOB: August 23, 2021
All Prelim Clearances!
Energy Level:
Low Energy & Calm
Favorite Treat:
Frozen Dog Treats
Favorite Toy:
Her Snuggle Puppy from when she was born at Gravitas Goldens!
More detailed description of temperament:

Willow Grace is Granddaughter to one of our Foundation girls, Babette and to our boy Nando. These lines represent some of our favorite dogs since we started our breeding program, and Willow Grace is an outstanding example of why.

Willow Grace is very calm, sweet and tolerant of all things great and small. She has a baby in her family and is very good with the baby and other children. She is also great with other animals.

She loves everyone she meets and is the quintessential Golden Retriever!