Does Puppy come with Pet Insurance?

YES! But it is up to you to activate it!!

I’ve joined up with Trupananion’s Breeder Support Program. HERE you will find your personalized Gravitas Goldens offer (aka Go Home Day Offer). Your offer contains a promotional code specific to Gravitas Goldens. This promo code is the most important aspect of the breeder program because it is needed to activate coverage. I do not gain from this at all, it is the only way to give our puppies coverage through their transition to a new owner without there being a waiting period. This is completely voluntary.
If you DO want to sign up, Just remember that the activation has to happen within 24 hours before or after the puppy goes home. This means you can call in the day before pick up, day of, or day after to activate. The number to call is located on your Go Home Day Offer and is available 24/7. Calling in to activate takes about 5 minutes on average and then the puppy is instantly covered!
Overview of the Go Home Day Offer:
• 30 days of coverage with no obligation
• Immediate coverage, waiting periods are waived
• $250 deductible, applies per condition for the lifetime of the pet
• 90% coverage with no limits on what Trupanion pays out
• Vet Direct Pay
• Coverage for any new injuries or illnesses (more information about Trupanion online)
Here’s hoping you won’t need it!