Current Breeding Boys

A couple of the below boys live with us as our beloved and cherished family members. The rest live in Guardian Homes, many of which are actual First Responders and the dog is a working Therapy/Facility dog for the Department & Local Community. Guardian Homes enable us to place great prospects in great homes without ever having to worry about rehoming a dog because they do not ultimately pass a health clearance. We don’t have the heart to do that, and we want every dog in our program to be loved and spoiled in their very own home. The Guardian Home model has been very successful for us and allows us to have a very diverse pool of breeding prospects to choose from, and this genetic diversity is essential to the longevity of the breed and in reducing health problems.

The below boys are our primary stud dogs unless we use an outside stud, which we sometimes do. Not all our stud dog hopefuls have made it this far, in fact MOST of them have NOT have made it into our breeding program due to our high standards, so any boys below are very, very special. We like to use outside studs from very different lines occasionally to keep our genetic diversity high, which is linked to lower rates of many health issues (more info HERE). Any outside studs used are held to a similar standard of health, temperament & pedigree. We always keep our clients updated and informed on outside studs that are in the running!

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Nando Profile


Zampanzar’s Lemon & Mint

DOB: June 19, 2018
All Clearances!!!
CHIC# 150692


Non-stop Xerox

DOB: August 9, 2019
All clearances complete!
CHIC# 162980


Clumbret Desert Storm

DOB: October 28, 2020
All European Clearances and OFA Prelims!


Gravitas Up From The Ashes

DOB: April 11, 2020
All Final Clearances!
CHIC# 170621


Gravitas Felix Culpa

DOB: January 6, 2021


Gravitas Trail Blazer

DOB: September 5, 2020
All Prelim Clearances!


Alubyc A Sea Shanty At Gravitas

DOB: January 28, 2021
All prelims!


Gravitas Sentimental Journey

DOB: August 23, 2021