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Our "day job" at Your Pro Dog Trainer regularly takes in young puppies as part of our Board & Train Program. Reasons for sending a young puppy to a trainer so early vary quite a bit, however the common theme is that for one reason or another (existing vacation plans, busy work schedules, special needs in new home) the new puppy owner realizes they may not be able to commit to spending the time necessary to helping that puppy navigate the first month or two in a new home successfully. It is widely accepted that the critical window for socialization begins to close around 16 weeks of age, therefore the first month or two in a new home are critical to socialization, exposure to new things, and are actually a prime time to begin training other behaviors such as obedience (sit, down, stay, tricks, etc).

Your Pro Dog Trainer accepts young puppies to help set these puppies up for success in a positive way. We continue to follow the same Puppy Culture/Avidog protocols we started with, which include, but are not limited to:

  1. Understanding of Fear Periods in puppies
  2. Careful, safe socialization and exposure to people and other dogs of all shapes, sizes, races, breeds, etc.
  3. Careful, controlled exposure to new experiences of many kinds to boost confidence and create resilient puppies that can recover quickly from scary things.
  4. Encouraging focus and engagement with the handler under a variety of distractions.
  5. Practical Skills:
    • Recall/Coming when called
    • Walking on a loose leash
    • Sitting to ask for attention/food/toys/etc (aka “manding”)
    • Crate Training
    • Potty Training
  6. All of the above training is done along with regular potty breaks, playtime, and naptime!

Training sessions are kept short and sweet to keep them fun and engaging. Every puppy is different so we do not adhere to a strict schedule or guarantee completion of items by a certain time. Positive training methods rely on a happy, willing participant and sometimes we need to slow down or focus on certain areas we think the puppy needs more attention.

During their stay here we will send almost daily updates on your puppy including photos and videos! When you get your puppy back we will give you a report of how the puppy did overall, behaviors learned and how to maintain them, and any areas that we think need more extra attention. Your puppy will still be a PUPPY when it returns home to you! Three to four month old puppies are NOT usually 100% housetrained, and will still require months of continued training with you to guide them through the rest of their puppyhood, adolescence, and onto adulthood. We at Gravitas Golden Retrievers & Your Pro Dog Trainer are always available to answer questions and provide follow-up training for your puppy and YOU. We want to set you both up for success and a long, happy relationship built on good foundations, trust, and good training.


1 Week of Board & Train

$ 1,400.00
  • Great option when you go on vacation and don't know who to leave puppy with!

2 Weeks of Board & Train

$ 2,500.00
  • Great option to get a headstart on overnight crate training & obedience!

4 Weeks of Board & Train

$ 4,000.00
  • Great for a solid foundation in all the basics of socialization & obedience!

8 Weeks of Board & Train

$ 6,500.00
  • Best deal & great for those who want to skip the puppy stage and let us do the hard work!