Gravitas Goldens Girl Dog Willow


Gallant Hearts Sweete Buttered Biscuit

DOB: November 1, 2017
CHIC# 146279
appx 60lbs
Energy Level:
Depends on activity. Leads the way on walks and horse rides. I mean way-far-away type of leading the way! Crazy good turn-on-a-dime and race back to me recall, though. On the ranch, she’s free to roam when I’m outside working- so she chooses to hunt. Mice, gophers, lizards- does this for hours out in the pastures, fields, and around buildings on the ranch. Once in the house or office, though, the energy level subsides and she’s so content just to be with you. If she wakes up from a nap in a different room than where you are, she trots through the house looking for you and is content again. At night, she is VERY LOW energy. Can hardly stay awake if I try to interact with her.
Favorite Treat:
Anything that comes from your hand because she adores you, so it must be GOOD!!! She loves the Cadet Shish Kabab dog chews from Costco. When she has one of those, she is in her own wonderful world for a good hour!
Favorite Toy:
Another dog that wants to play. If she does have a toy or stick in her mouth, it’s sole purpose is to entice another dog to grab hold of it, too, and play!
More detailed description of temperament:

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CONFIDENT. The only thing I’ve seen her concerned about (besides a huge steer when she first came to the ranch) is a helium balloon in our house. She walked away from it and looked up at it with ears perked. She LOVES me. She likes everyone else in the family, people who come over to the house, ranch, or office… they’re all good, but she thinks I walk on water. I’m trying to get others to learn from her. Ha! Willow is SO ENJOYABLE! She’s SWEET, loves attention but is okay without it, listens to me (when I work with her on that – Holiday time, not so much), she’s playful and fun and gets so excited to go out and be on the ranch, she’s funny, she’s… WONDERFUL! I look at her at times and think “Wow! I get to enjoy life with this loving, beautiful companion! I am so GRATEFUL!”